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Trial Copy Legal Document Services captures all forms of electronic files and then converts them to industry standard image files.
Data Discovery

Trial Copy understands your legal needs as a Law Firm. We also understand the type of performance that you will demand from your data. That is the reason why we approach your document coding projects from the perspective of the user.

· How will you be using this data?
· What type of searching will you need to do?
· How can we accommodate the changes that l will inevitably take place during litigation?
· What are your coding requirements during electronic discovery?

We will work with you you to understand the dynamics of your case and data to ensure that we build a customized database that will meet your needs.




Trial Copy combines electronic discovery, paper scanning, and printing in one intuitive desktop application. With this powerful tool, you can process multiple drives or a single file, extract text and metadata, and provide detailed reports before processing data. You can filter files by date and type, and you can filter emails by criteria such as From, To, Body, and Subject fields. The built-in, full-text search function enables additional culling and includes advanced features such as fuzzy search and synonym search.

Using the Trial Copy Legal Document Services, you can scan, review, and print easily, completing jobs faster.

The first step in enterprise data protection and data governance is determining where sensitive data resides and how it is vulnerable to theft, misuse and noncompliant activity. With sensitive data stored in databases, file servers and mainframes across the enterprise, gaining this insight can present significant challenges.

Most companies have sensitive information scattered across the enterprise. Customer information (credit card numbers, Social Security numbers), employee information (SSNs, addresses, salary and medical information) and operational information (financial data, IP) can reside in databases and file shares unprotected. Regulations such as PCI, GLBA, SOX and the Personal Data Privacy Act of 2007 require companies to protect data determined to be private. However, most companies are unable to address this requirement because they don’t have the tools to find and classify private data. This lack of visibility into critical data assets leaves companies exposed to significant risks such as data theft, data breaches and unapproved data access.

Trial Copy Legal Document Service addresses these challenges, providing the insight needed to understand an organization’s data risk posture and determine appropriate steps to mitigate risk.




We can capture all forms of electronic files and then convert them to industry standard image files.
We offer foreign language document processing to recognize, search and produce data containing over 300 different languages.

• We understand your organization’s readiness to respond to e-discovery .

• We also develop and implement repeatable business processes for defensible and efficient e-discovery response across your organization’s entire legal portfolio.

• We, at Trial Copy, proactively assess all potentially responsive electronically stored information (ESI) when preparing for litigation or investigation.

• We Prepare you for an e-discovery conferences, including reviewing actions already taken, gather details about your organization's ESI, document the protocols, and preparecounsel for successful “meet and confer” negotiations

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