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Miami, FL 33131
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Trial Copy has a court-validated platform that delivers cutting edge analysis, decryption and password cracking all within an intuitive, customizable and user-friendly interface. In addition, we also have the option of utilizing a back-end database to handle large data sets.
We offer an Integrated Solution
  • Create images, analyze the registry, conduct an investigation, decrypt files, crack passwords, identify stegonograpy, and build a report all with a single solution.
  • Recover passwords from over 80 applications; harness idle CPUs across the network to decrypt files and perform robust dictionary attacks.

Embedded Oracle Database & Powerful Searching

  • Supports the largest, most complex datasets.
  • Never lose case data due to a crash.
  • Ability to back up and archive cases.
  • Powerful index search engine and a proper full-feature regular expression engine for binary searches.


Powerful Processing and Speed

  • True multi-processor and multi-threading support that takes advantage of hardware advancements.
  • Automated recovery during pre-processing ensures the job gets done.
  • Wizard-driven processing ensures no data is missed.
  • Pre- and post-processing refinement allows you to control how images are processed, greatly reducing processing time.
  • Advanced data carving engine allows you to carve allocated and unallocated data and specify criteria, such as file size, data type and pixel size to reduce the amount of irrelevant data carved while increasing overall thoroughness.
  • Broad file system, compound file and email support.
  • Ability to hash and filter data using MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and Fuzzy


Intuitive Interface and Rich Functionality

  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use GUI with pre-defined and customizable data views, advanced filtering, dockable windows and automated data categorization.
  • Multi-data views allowing users to analyze a given file in a number of different ways, such as native, hex, text and filtered.
  • Full Unicode and Code Page support lets you search for, display and report on data in its native format, in any language Unicode supports.
  • Supports popular encryption technologies, such as Credant, SafeBoot and Utimaco.
  • Rich and powerful reporting engine allows you to create detailed reports and output them into native format, HTML, PDF, XML, RTF, and more - with links back to the original evidence.
  • Easy export functionality to extract relevant artifacts without compromise - maintaining source, metadata and path.
Digital Forensics and
Digital Data Acquisition

Our service is 24/7 and of the
highest standards.
Our dedicated team of professionals will travel to any location worldwide to collect evidence.
Whether it's a simple one-off solution,an ongoing digital data acquisition, or part of a full-scale litigation service. We will give you the expert solution you require. We offer a very cost-effective consulting solution that is tailored to your specific case needs.

You can work more cases faster without hiring additional resources

Electronic evidence is changing the face of today's corporate litigation process. Computer forensics has become the key process for electronic discovery and litigation support. Data located on computer systems, especially data that has been "deleted" and can no longer be seen, often reveal pertinent facts. Computer forensics is the science of recovering and examining these data.

Trial Copy uses a proven court-accepted computer forensic methodology for recovering, analyzing, and preserving information. This methodology supports litigation through:

. Incident response
. Electronic discovery
. Evidence acquisition

Trial Copy experts recover and analyze visible and hidden data from computer systems, including deleted, damaged, and encrypted files. All evidence is carefully controlled to maintain a full chain of custody, ensuring that recovered data are admissible in a court of law.

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